what happens in repossession


McKreddy & Windsor Property Investment

YES YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OUT OF PROPERTY without investing thousands

It is a regretable fact that even when everything possible has been done to save a persons home from reprossession the mortgage company does put the process in motion.

Unfortunately one persons loss is another persons gain.

At present interest on savings is very low we can offer you very attractive returns on money invested in one of our repossessed properties.
The minimum amount of risk is taken with your money.
We never have access to your money.
Your risk is spread with others.

How does this work?

  • A reprocessed property is purchased by us
  • You say with nine others loan to us, the sum of the purchase
  • All financial transactions are between you and a solicitor we do not have access to your money at anytime.
  • Your money is then secured by way of a charge on the property.
  • We pay you monthly a return on your money as we would under a normal mortgage.
    Your capital sum is at very minimal risk, you can only lose money by way of the property falling below that which was paid for it. Which with a repocessed property is unlikely.

    All you are doing is acting like a bank. Loaning money and receiving a return a heathy secure return